Family Assisted Living – A Home Away From Home


By Albertina Belmont

Family assisted living is called so, because your dear ones stay in a family-like atmosphere, while getting help with the problems they face in their day-to day life. The administrative staff of the assisted, living service stays in close contact with the residents and takes care of their individual needs.

Assisted Living Vs. Other Old Home Facilities

Assisted living is usually a preferred choice of residence for senior citizens, as compared to other live-in facilities such as a nursing home or old care home. While a nursing home is more suitable for people with medical complications, old care homes are very small set-ups with very few residents and limited amenities.

Most old age challenges do not require medical intervention but only physical support, with a large number of recreational and daily living amenities, which only Family assisted-living can provide. Such facilities give importance to self-sufficiency and privacy and offer little or no medical care. The may have some or all of the following features: emergency call, housekeeping, all meals, transport on call, day centers, health centre, year round workshops, activities, events etc.

Taking Special Care

There are many disorders associated with old age. Coupled with old age problems, these disorders can make matters worse for the elderly and their families. Several family assisted, living units have unique facilities for individual with special needs. They provide care to patients with Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, cognitive disabilities and terminal diseases.

Before, finalizing on a particular family assisted living, check for the following:

• That the neighborhood is planned in accordance with the needs of the residents.
• That the staff is pleasing and responsible.
• That the residents look to be satisfied with the services and friendly with each other.
• That the cost and charges are within your expectations and financial reach.
• That the meals are hygienic, nourishing, and appealing.
• That the atmosphere is like a family.
• That the staff is well trained, qualified and skilled to deal with the needs of the elders.
• And most importantly, all the facilities and services as promised by the community are available.

Making The Move

The main factors that influence the decision with regard to the choice of assisted-living facility are: location, type of facility and particular needs of the resident such as leisure facilities, nutritional needs etc.
The period of 25-30 days after moving your dear ones to family assisted, living, is very crucial for both you and them. You may suffer from a feeling of guilt for not being able to look after your dear ones on our own. The old relatives, on the other hand, will take some time to adjust to the new environment and may not feel comfortable, being away from home.

Retired adults and senior citizens may need to be convinced regarding the benefits of family assisted living homes. However, it becomes equally important to know the disadvantages associated with an Assisted Living Facility.

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