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By DJ HughesIf you are a caregiver of seniors in a nursing home, assisted living facility or even a caregiver for a senior at home, you Elderly assistance, senior help, caregiving, sing alongsknow that music is special in their lives. Seniors enjoy a good tune and can appreciate an uplifting beat to help get them out of the doldrums and put a smile on their face if for no other reason then they feel happy. That's why group sing along songs for seniors is such a fun time.

The elderly enjoy the memories that come back to them with some of the music they are most familiar with from their past. The kind of music they most enjoy is harder to find. And there are fewer people that can relate to it with them.

Seniors love group sing alongs. The group together can appreciate the old tunes they know and love. They can share memories with each other about the songs. Something special happens when a group sings together. It's a little more energized than just listening to it alone. If you've organized a group sing along for seniors, than you know what I mean. Even seniors at home enjoy going out to be with others to enjoy music and sing as a group.

What are the best group sing along songs for seniors?

It isn't as easy to find them anymore, but they are out there. You can get some oldies music on CD's, but DVD's are a little harder to find. Even VHS is increasingly more difficult to locate. Almost any songs that the seniors know are good for a group sing along, but depending on your audience louder and faster paced music might not be suitable. Alzheimer's and other dementia can make it difficult for some seniors to enjoy faster paced and louder songs, so you should keep that in mind when selecting your music.

Period music is good. This can help bring back pleasant memories of family, childhood and earlier milestones in their lives. Love songs are always a good bet, and there is ethnic music too. German or Scottish flavour tunes, for example, can really cheer the elderly that grew up in these homelands. Ask the seniors in your care what type of music they do enjoy and provide that for them. Not everyone in a group will know all the ethnic songs though.

Where do you find them?

Sing alongs provided on DVD can offer something to look at like the musicians or other singers, while singing along. You can find many of the classic oldies that seniors know and love on DVD's from Melodic Memories. In addition to the classics, they also have Christmas songs and traditional Gospel.

Give the gift of music to the seniors in your care with a fun time planned with music and song. With group sing along songs for seniors, not only will the seniors have a good time, but you will too!

DJ Hughes is a writer for eldercare and nursing home activities. Believing music and song to be one of the best activities for seniors for fun and therapy, she highly recommends http://www.melodicmemories.com sing along DVD's for seniors. For more activities for seniors in care visit NursingHomeActivitiesResource.com

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  3. Ron
    It is always nice to see Retirement Communities, Assisted Living Homes, etc. that offer a piano sing-along, or community dances, or even karaoke! Interacting with other seniors can be very beneficial to their health and well being. Also, music is therapy and can help older people to become more "in-tune" with their health! To find care facilities in your area, visit: www.GeriCareFinder.com
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