Control for Elder Care


by Tom Vatury

Everyone begin to weaken and is generally less able to perform some of the regular activities and task they used to easily do. Accepting this reality can be difficult for many aging seniors. It can be even more difficult for some of their family to understand, when they’ve been used to the idea of a strong elder for so long. This sort of disability is easier for people who have ever been injured or incapacitated in some way to cope with, but is nonetheless frustrating. At some point an individual or caring family member must make a decision to take control for the sake of safety and let go of any attachments to pride and old habits. This transition needs to be handled with care, as many adults may suffer from depression when facing dependence, so it’s important to balance prevention and surveillance with their sense of freedom, privacy and control.

Luckily, aging adults today live in a time of tremendous scientific advances in medicine and technology, which enable a longer, safer and more comfortable life. Seniors are able to be much more independent today in modern elder care. One option that can provide seniors and caregivers with benefits is motorized shades or electrical window treatments that can be controlled remotely. Adding this automated component can help prevent strain and injuries while offering control over a simple, but important, part of life for someone that will most likely spend much of their time indoors. The ability to enjoy the window view on a nice day or shade from too much light when rest is very important, but often taken for granted when you’re able toe easily move about and pull or lift without concern.

Many window shades and blinds can be heavy and require manual pulling of cords and chains, which can be abrasive and often get tangled. This can become hard work for many and near impossible for disabled elders, especially when multiple or large windows are involved. Other window shades may simply be out of reach and someone trying to operate them may risk severe injury. Curtains are often easier to open, simply needing to pull them side to side, but even this task can be laborious for an older person who isn’t as mobile anymore. Caregivers are also very busy managing many needs and may not always be available to open or close a window covering. It’s such a simple task that some seniors may just be too proud to ask for the help, an attitude which may be harmful for their health.  Electrical window treatments offer a good solution to give these elder seniors the control they wish to hold, promoting their mental and physical well being.

Electrical window treatments are available wirelessly through a wall switch or remote control and are able to operate multiple shades via different channels. The cost of these systems usually increases with each channel needed to control. Replacement remote controls are also expensive, so care must be taken not to damage or lose these. Electrical shades themselves can be powered by batteries or through either a low or high voltage electrical cord, depending on a building’s connection. All this should be inspected and installed by a licensed electrician first. Motors for automated shades are now smaller and quieter than ever, which means they’re more suitable for home use because they can occupy less room and operate with less noise than their previous commercial versions.

Installing an electrical window treatment may seem like an investment, but they do offer convenience and independence. A pleasing view outside, warm daylight or an instantly darkened room for rest & privacy can be priceless comfort for an elder person unable to move about as freely as before or lacking the strength to manually operate heavier blinds. Adding this kind of modern automation can also increase a home’s value and are safer for homes will young children as well because the do away with dangerous cords that children can get entangled with. Caregivers will also benefit from the convenience by being able to spend more time providing essential services and attention to seniors without having to worry about the tasks of drawing window shades. They’ll also be preventing strain and injuries for themselves, which is very important when they’re the only caregiver for an older person dependant on them. Electrical window treatments are one idea to consider for providing seniors with more control over their daily lives when age begins to limit their bodies. These small details can make a whole difference to their well being and help ease a caregiver’s role.