Communicating the Benefits of Being a Senior Citizen


by VMT Singuillo

With the expected life expectancy rates getting higher, the number of senior citizens increases as the years go by. As such, there is a need to reach out to them and give them better opportunities to live healthy and happy lives. Gone are the notions that men and women are past their prime when they hit a certain age. On the contrary, there are plenty of lifestyles that can suit the elderly.

There are many programs that are in place, which are designed to accommodate this sector in the community. Some of these include insurance benefits, healthcare, and even financial assistance by the government. Even the private sector sometimes gets into the action of elderly help through special products, offers, and discounts.

But despite the strides taken by society to take care of those who belong in the older brackets, there is still a need to educate and motivate the senior citizens to take advantage of the benefits that are available. Usually, it is not because of lack of will. But rather, the senior citizens are unaware of what they can get.

In these cases, the responsibility of telling the senior citizen of the privileges that come with age commonly falls upon the shoulders of friends and family. Do not expect the home caregivers or some other person tasked with taking care of the individual to brief them on it. It is simply not part of their job description.

Assistance can be obtained by making sure that there is an effective mixture of different strategies such as insurance, tax planning, and budgeting. One of the prime examples of this is social security. It is unfortunate that many seniors are unable to get their full benefits because they are unaware of what they can claim. To remedy this, ask the senior citizen for any paperwork they may have and see what is due them. If there is still some confusion, help them place a call, or speak to the concerned agency in their behalf, to get more information.

When making purchases or availing of different services such as banks or museums, find out about the special discounts and promos extended to senior citizens. To fully reap the benefits, there is a need to pre-plan for trips and other activities. This seeming inconvenience will produce many advantages in the long run.

These senior citizen benefits are a way of acknowledging the contributions done to society by the elderly set. There is no reason for a person to miss out on the opportunities given to them so communication is the key.

About the Author

VMT Singuillo is a licensed physician in the Philippines. Whether wearing black scrubs, red scrubs, or a lab coat, he believes that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.