Bath Safety and Old Age


As we age, mobility and safety inevitably become more and more important issues in our lives, and bath safety in particular is a problem faced by many older individuals. Problems with mobility and safety in the bathroom can include the inaccessible nature of tub interiors, slippery floors, and the inability to contact others for help in the case of an emergency. If someone you love is finding it more and more difficult to use a conventional bathing unit, read this article before making a decision regarding a certain product.

Traditional bath tubs are notoriously difficult for elderly people to enter and exit. The high wall-like structure of the tub lining forces seniors to lift legs and move their bodies in ways that cause them to be prone to injury and accident. This is why you should consider bathtubs with a walk-in feature, thereby allowing anyone to enter a bathtub with a simple opening of a door. It is as simple as entering a bedroom and sitting down. Another nice feature of this kind of design is its convenient layout for cleaning; there will be no more bending around backwards, since there will be a door to open and enter from.

Many bathtubs, regardless of their design, will be sold as-is with a slippery floor inside. If at all possible, since you are purchasing a bathtub unit for a senior individual, it is best to look for etched-floor models, or else remember to install anti-slip pads in the tub as soon as you can. This is a bath safety rule for any age, but is especially important for those individuals of a certain age and of fragile character. The bathroom tiles themselves should also be anti-slip, since it is likely they will become wet and possibly slippery after an individual has used the tub.

Probably the most important factor in terms of safety to consider when choosing and installing a bathtub for a senior citizen is the ability to contact outside people in case of emergency. Even though in ideal circumstances, there should always be someone else at home to take care of the elderly individual, in reality this is not always the case. Therefore it is advisable that along with a tub equipped with a walk-in door and non-slip flooring, you should have installed either a walkie-talkie system or else some other safe method of contacting someone to help in case of urgent need.

Old age is a difficult problem that only develops more severe, and bath safety is a necessary hurdle to face when taking care of an elderly individual. With the right choice of product and due consideration of the facts and circumstances in your specific case, you should be able to find an appropriate design of bathtub with features suitable to your needs. Bath safety is a topic not often thought about or even discussed when the elderly are considered, but for something so critical as bathing, it is best not to take chances. Always be sure, and consult an expert before making your decisions.

Tricia St. Claire is a technical writer for medical and mobility supply websites who specializes in bath safety. For more information on bath lifts and walk-in tubs, please visit AmeriGlide.

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