Assisted Living in the Comfort of Home


By Martha Paulson

When families feel that caring for a loved one has become overwhelming, when families feel that Mom or Dad can no longer manage daily activities on their own, families make the choice of placement in an assisted living facility for their loved one. Many children feel that this is their only option for providing care. The fact is, there is a more cost effective alternative to assisted living facilities. In-home care offers personalized solutions and choices for families and seniors. Through the use of in-home care and home health, the highest quality care and support can be delivered in the comfort of home.

Families and seniors need to educate themselves to help them make appropriate informed decisions in regards to their health and care. An aging adult should not have to move out of their home because they require assistance. In making an educated decision for care for a loved one, families need to realize that there are no federal regulations or uniform standards of operations for assisted living facilities. Medicare does pay for assisted living facilities. Seniors pay out-of-pocket for assisted living. Monthly payments can run from 2,000 to 6,000 plus depending on the level of services provided and location. Since assisted living facilities and in-home care are both private pay, which would you choose? It pays to weigh all your options and choices when deciding on your own health and well-being. It pays to be knowledgeable when making any decision that will affect your life. It pays to look beyond the wallpaper.

As with any services, when your funds run out, you cannot stay in the facility. Seniors in a sense must accept a form of a restrictive living environment. Assisted living facilities have regulations. Mom or Dad's day to day choices become limited. Many seniors realize that they do not have much independence or control over their own life. Seniors want choices and a sense of independence.

Licensed in-home care can provides families and seniors with solutions and options to fit every individual's need. In-home care services support an individuals choice to remain safe and as independent as possible. The main focus is one-on-one personalized care of the aging adult, their needs and preferences. The greatest benefit of in-home care is the ability to live in your own home and never have to wait your turn for the assistance that you require. The value and benefit of one-on- one personalized care is priceless. The choice to remain in your own home is the most important issue to every senior.

Licensed home care agencies offer trained, insured, professional caregivers to assist families and seniors to be able to remain living safely in their own home. For a son or daughter that provides care, it is an option and solution that can allow you the opportunity to focus on your own family, your life or job. You retain peace of mind that Mom or Dad is safe and receiving personalized care in their home. So when you are trying to decide the best for Mom or Dad, consider the alternative of in-home care services. Shop around as you would for any other service and compare both.

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