Assisted Elderly Care – What Are the Major Things to Consider?


By Jared Wright

The longer older people can stay independent and care for themselves, the better. There, however, comes a time when living alone becomes a problem and sometimes it can even become dangerous.

People suffering from illnesses and memory loss can become dangerous to themselves. They might forget to lock doors or wander off and can't find their way back home. An elderly person might suffer a stroke and can't get to a telephone to call for help.

It is seldom easy to convince the elderly that they need assistance and can't stay on their own anymore. Where the husband and wife are still both alive and together, it might be possible to stay on their own for a longer period of time, providing at least one of them is still strong and of sound mind. On the other hand, if the one spouse is ill and needs special care it might become difficult for the other elderly spouse to provide this care.

Children and families that are faced with this concern have a few options to consider.


Caregivers are the preferred and easiest option for elder people, most of the time. It will allow them to stay in their own homes without too much disruption in their lives. They still feel more independent and can be in a familiar environment. Caregivers, however, don't come cheap. If the elderly, family members or children can afford this kind of help, you will find it is much easier to convince them to accept this rather than trying to get them to move into a facility for the elderly.

Living With a Child or Family Member

Some elderly people are more open to this kind of move, than to move to an old age facility. This is not always the best option for the child or family member, though. The person who will be responsible for the elderly person must want do it. It will be a time consuming task that needs to be done with lots of love and patience. It is also a big responsibility that cannot be forced on anyone.

Old Age Facilities

Assisted Care or a nursing home will be the other option. The elderly person should be part of this decision and it is important that they go somewhere where they can still have a quality life. Many of these facilities organize special outings and events for the elderly. They will also be living with other people of the same age who will have the same interests.

It is important that the decision includes all the stake-holders and that everybody's concerns and well-being is taken into consideration.

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