7 Ways To Love Your Elderly Friend

By Beverly S.To love your elderly friend entails understanding some of their needs or demands. It also entails tender caregiving advise, senior help, eldercareloving care and human warmth and compassion.

1) Visit regularly- Some elderly people tend to lose touch of their "older" friends. Either most are deceased or have some type of illness or health condition. It is very common for your elderly friend to have "out-lived" their best buddies and closest family members even.

2) Remember Holidays- Some elderly people are very lonely during the holidays and it is always a great idea to visit or call your elderly friend during these days. You will be amazed how valued you will become in their eyesight and they will simply love you for doing so.

3)Remember Birthdays- A birthday is always a special day to most. Although, not all elderly people suffer forms of dementia; however if your elderly friend seems a bit forgetful at times- you may want to remind them a few days leading up to their birthday that the birthday is coming soon. Once the day has come- do something very special for them. Think of the things they talk about most doing or having and surprise them with a favorite.

4) Buy Needed Items- When you are visiting or around your elderly friend, notice some of the things that they seem not to have; but desperately need to make life a bit easier and more efficient for them. It could be something as simple as a soft comfortable pair of slippers, maybe a handy storage bag for storing handy/quick items, clothes with custom made handy features to make dressing/undressing easier, handy apparatus,etc. Your elderly friend may not even seem to care or realize that the "handy gifts" you are giving them are necessary.

5) Check Ups- Frequently touch basis to see if your elderly friend is taking care of their health needs, such as routine physicals and check-ups. If they need medication alerts to remind them to take their meds. in a timely fashion...ask or discuss how you can assist, if needed to do so. Encourage them to drink the require amt. or water each day and push healthy eating habits. The doctor could have very well prescribed a diet as well...If so suggest tips to help your friend maintain the diet.

6) Pay Attention- Pay attention to anything unusual or different about your elderly friend; Such as a change in physical appearance, a change in behavioral, a change in eating habits, a change in health status, a change in anything that you feel remarkably different. Report and address these changes to the proper source.

7) Outings- If your elderly friend can tolerate fun "outings" or recreational ventures....There is nothing like a breath of nature! Or simply volunteer to take them to their favorite spots, it could be in the park viewing the beautiful trees and the birds or kids playing. It could be a stroll through a beautiful garden or nature walk. If your friend does not like the outdoor, respect that and do fun inside activities with them depending on how well they are able to tolerate them.

The most crucial thing in dealing with your elderly friend is to be there for them when they need you the most. Let them know that you are "on their side" and that you love them and will be around. Let them know that regardless of any "age complications" or stresses that you will oversee their best interest due to your love for them-if they will allow you to do so. Your elderly friend whether mentally challenge or not will at-least be able to "feel" the gentle wisp of air that blows "genuine" LOVE.

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