Top 7 Tips For Avoiding Elder Caregiver Burnout


By Hal Robertson

If you are an elder care giver, a great way to reduce stress is to simply be accepting of limitations - both your elder's and your own. Don't constantly dwell on small irritations - look at the big picture. The house is dusty and your elder is still in the same shirt they had on 3 days ago? Big deal - remember that your care has likely resulted in positive health benefits for your elder during your time as their care giver. That's what's important.

Here are my top 7 tips for helping avoid elder care giver burnout:

1. Lighten up!

Find situations and experiences that you laugh at. Reruns of TV sitcoms are great for this. Find the humor in the funny things your elder does. They may even join in on the laughter, especially if they don't fully comprehend the humor because of a confused state.

2. Search for ways to save your energy and time

Shop online. Call ahead to your grocery store to see if they will take your grocery order from you so you can simply drive there and pick it up. Shop during slow periods - early morning is great for this. Check to see if your supermarket delivers. Yes - some still do!

3. Avoid isolation at all costs

Staying in your home day in and day out will bring you down.

4. Practice what you preach

You provide nutritious meals for your elder. You make sure they get plenty of exercise and you are always looking for ways to entertain them. Be sure to do the same thing for yourself.

5. Find out as much as you can about your elder's health condition

This will help reduce your stress in a big way.

6. Join a support group

The benefits of doing this can't be underestimated.

7. Learn various relaxation techniques

The simple closing your eyes and visualizing comforting and peaceful things could help refresh you and lessen stress.

Hal has been writing articles online since 2005. Not only does he specialize in elder care issues, he also maintains a number of informative web sites as well. You can check out his latest website here: Cost of Cremation which reviews the Cost of Cremation.