Tips For Taking Care of the Elderly


By Allan Wu

Caring for old people may be rough. At times, these old people become very hard to understand which makes it impossible for anyone to deal with their attitude. But patience is very important. During these instances, we are needed to show respect and provide help for them.

Numerous elder care arrangements have been provided for these senior citizens. The least expensive option is home care for the elderly. Only few house repairs and adjustments make up the expenses. When caring for the elderly at home, it is important for one to put handrails in the bathroom to hold the weight of the elderly; the bathroom floor could become slippery. The flooring should also be changed, linoleums are recommended, to prevent slip accidents in the house. In addition, a nurse or a caregiver may be hired if desired.

Home care for the elderly also gives the opportunity for the family members to spend quality time with their ageing loved ones. Personalized care and medication are provided while having the privilege of staying conveniently at home.

Other elder care options are assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Assisted living for the elderly is the most preferred option of families nowadays. This means of elder care provide assistance to old people while still giving them their independence. Nurses and caregivers assist in feeding, bathing, and dressing them. However, assisted living differs with nursing home care in the sense that old people in assisted living facilities do not need 24-hour medical assistance and supervision. Nursing homes, on the other hand, also provide assistance to old people especially the bedridden and very weak ones. Costs of assisted living facilities and nursing homes also differ. A room in a nursing home may cost three times that of an assisted living facility room. Extra charges for the use of certain amenities also apply.

Senior day care centers and independent living communities are also good choices. Busy family members who still want to live with their old loved ones may opt for senior day care centers. These day care centers offer fun activities and exercise programs for the elderly. They also provide nutritious meals and snacks. And similar to assisted living facilities and nursing homes, senior day care centers help the elderly become physically and socially active.

Independent living communities, however, do not provide medical assistance or supervision to senior citizens. This option is very popular among active old people who want to spend the rest of their lives relaxing and enjoying in health clubs and recreational centers around their community. An independent living community typically consists of low-maintenance apartments, condominiums, and town houses.

Whichever elder care arrangement is chosen, it is still best to keep in mind that a senior's personal safety and happiness are the most important.

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