May 5th, 2010 EldercareABC Blog Carnival


Welcome to the May 5, 2010 Edition of EldercareABC Blog C arnival.

Derrick Grant presents Fun Calculation to Determine How Long You Will Live posted at

June Tree presents Health Care Reform Bill: How It Affects You posted at The Digerati Life, saying, "Concerns about health care."

Tony Bennett presents 50 Authoritative Tweeters with Daily Health Tips posted at LVN to RN, saying, "Which resources do health care professionals use to stay on top of personal health and overall health care news? When it comes to Twitter, the most authoritative voices include government institutions, collegiate resources and publications or reporters who have gained reputations as the most reliable entities on the Web."

Kathleen LaBeouf presents Top 50 Counseling Blogs posted at Masters in Counseling, saying, "The Internet provides a great venue for counselors of any stripe to build a business. The following list of top 50 counseling blogs takes a look at blogs in each of those categories."

Tom Bills presents Elderly Dehydration: Signs, Symptoms, and Prevention posted at, saying, "Because the symptoms of dehydration are masked by the aging body, patients and caregivers typically overlook the warnings signs until it is too late. But, dehydration can be avoided if you are careful and know what the symptoms are. Dehydration is a condition when the body is losing more water than it is taking in. Loss of water can be due to medications, illnesses, inability to move around easily, diminished sense of thirst, or reduced kidney function."

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