Enter the Age of Home-Based Senior Care


By Jenny Heart

In the Research Triangle area of North Carolina, more and more elderly citizens are choosing to "age in place" by hiring providers of home care. Durham NC residents have much available to them in the way of geriatric health and living services. From the run of the mill nursing facility to luxury retirement communities - seniors have a number of lifestyle options by the time they reach the latter years of their life and determine that they're in need of more care than they themselves, or their loved ones, can provide.

Senior care, Clayton NC to Clayton MO, is not just another small, specialized area of health care - it is an expansive and lucrative business that is rapidly growing into a colossal industry as the Baby Boom generation continues to age, demanding a whole new slew of services - and lots of them. As the population of senior citizens here in North Carolina and across the nation skyrockets, the number of seniors using home care is expected to double - likely by the year 2030. Medical professionals, social workers, advocates for the elderly - not to mention the senior citizens themselves, are quickly discovering they're more comfortable being cared for in their homes than relocating.

Home care services can be chosen based on the needs of the patient. Depending on where you live and what you have available, you can find round-the-clock care providers or nurses to come in just a few hours of the day, on all or just certain days of the week. You can have special needs tended to as long as you have hired an agency that can dispatch medically trained caregivers. And if you're a cancer patient, an Alzheimer's patient, or you're on dialysis, for instance, you can find someone to come into your home to care for you and who has specialized training and experience with some or all of your unique medical conditions.

For sick and aging citizens who don't require health-driven home care, there are plenty of providers that offer basic care services at the patient's home. Lots of folks just need someone to help with things around the house and maybe run a few errands. Maybe your eyesight isn't what it used to be and you're no longer comfortable driving but sharp as a tack and still capable of performing most normal daily tasks. This is a scenario where a provider of home care, Clayton NC or wherever you live, would really work.

Major life decisions deserve a lot of consideration, particularly if they are costly and long-term. When, either alone or with their loved ones, seniors make the choice to age in place, it's crucial that a great deal of thought is put into the hired caregiver. Choose a home care provider in the Durham area that is reputable, well-established and that just feels right to you. Conduct thorough interviews and ask to see credentials for both the agency and the caregiver. This may be the biggest decision you'll ever make.

Written by Jenny Heart. Quality home care Durham: Receive home care Clayton, Alzheimer's and elder care through senior care Clayton NC, Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest.


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  2. Elderly Medical Alert
    Home based senior care has many advantages. Many seniors prefer to stay in their own home for as long as possible. Senior housing can be expensive and home based senior care can be more economical. Whenever my clients (and their adult children) begin having difficulty, one of the first things we discuss is home based care - whether its temporary of permanent. Some seniors just need it for a few weeks until they can get their strength/endurance back after a hospital admission. Others need more permanent solutions and have home care several times a day providing personal care, meal prep and medication management. If you are considering senior housing, you should also be considering bringing in home based senior care as a viable option for many. Kevin
  3. A good first step for many, especially those seniors that don't have family nearby to help, is to seek the advice of a geriatric care manager. A geriatric care manager is a professional whose role is to act as an advocate and help seniors and their families coordinate care needed

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