EldercareABC Carnival – Premier Edition


EldercareABC Carnival

Welcome to the premier  edition of the EldercareABC Carnival. What is a blog Carnival?

Grab your ticket and join the fun as caregivers join the EldercareABC Carnival to share in the fun and offer support to one another along the way.

Midway Highlights

Eleanor Feldman Barbera, PhD arrived first on the Eldercare ABC Carnival Midway  and reminds us that a nursing home room should still feel like home in, What I Want My Nursing Home To Look Like. Those caring for elderly loved ones at the carnival came away from Dr. Barbera's ideas with a smile and some ideas to make  their loved ones rooms a bit homier.

Farther down the Midway, Edie Dykeman is gathering quite a crowd at her Elder Care Cafe.  She holds their attention with her wit as she explains what the sandwhich generation isn't and then offers wise steps to follow in, The Sandwich Generation.


Midway Rides

Bloggers Carrie L. Hill Ph.D and Mary Ann Powers wrote about the roller coaster ride that senior driving can pose to caregivers in Caring for Parents & ‘Driving Miss Daisy' and A Caregiver's Dilemma: Taking Away the Keys.

Janice Wallace helps those caring for elderly loved ones  through the maze of Coordinating Parent Care offering tips on how you can streamline your caregiving.

The Fun House of Mirrors can be just like finding Finding In-Home Elderly Assistance, but caregivers can find support to help them reach the help they need directly.    There even animals at the carnival with a blog post about Pets as Part of Eldercare.

Thanks  to everyone who contributed to the premier edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling.   Join us next week for EldercareABC Carnival #2 - Spring Edition by submitting your post here.