Elder Care and Quality of Life


by Lance Winslow

Seniors often are fearful, afraid of many things. As folks age they realize that they will lose their health, their friends,their mobility, their ability to drive, their minds, and even their spouse. They also fear that their money will run out, or that they may be forced to leave their home and move into a nursing home. That is an awful lot to be worrying about and many folks worry themselves to death literally, putting so much stress on their bodies, mind and health that some of these fears end up becoming self-fulfilling prophesies.

For our elders to truly have quality of life we must help alleviate or eliminate as much of these fears as we can. We can also help them become proactive to prevent loss of their mental abilities by helping them stay mentally alert, read books, and play cross-word puzzles or Sudoku. Also, keeping them socially active and feeling needed is a wonderful way to increase quality of life; by becoming a volunteer or mentor in the community, this need will be solved.

Nothing can be more powerful for a senior than helping them fulfill a lifetime dream, and you may be very surprised how easy some of these dreams or goals are. Sometimes they are a trip, or just accomplishing something. Another big issue with seniors is helping them restore an old relationship with a loved one, once close relative, or dear friend.

Of course, quality of life also has to do with basic functioning, such as eating for instance, so if they have trouble eating, cooking in the kitchen, perhaps new utensils, openers, and easy to open cabinets can be easy items to fix. You just have to ask them, as they may not even mention it if you don't. Please consider these simple things for your loved ones.

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