August 12th EldercareABC Carnival


Welcome to this week's carnival!

caregiving, senior careAs I read each week's carnival submissions, I see a common thread that unites us all.    We live in a world that promotes youth, anti-aging methods and surgery that may cure it all.  I have to wonder if old age doesn't come as quite a surprise to some?   For those of us who are caring for an aging parent or loved one, we know  too well that there are added wrinkles, new ailments  and possibly lost ability that we face together and deal with, ready or not.  Still, when looking through the eyes of love, caregivers don't see the wrinkles, the disease or the added work, we see the continued company of a loved one we cherish.  Therefore, we honor their aging and enjoy our time together.  That thread  that unites us is the respect and love we have for those we are caring for.

I hope you enjoy this week's carnival. Thanks for participating and making it possible.

- Mary and the EldercareABC Team.

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