April 21st, 2010 EldercareABC Blog Carnival


As of Tuesday evening, April 20th, I was unable to access the Blog Carnival's website where all the wonderful blog carnival posts are submitted.  Our regularly scheduled blog will return next week and any posts shared this week will be added to that edition.

For your reading pleasure this week, here is a bit of what has been seen and heard this week on caregiving and elder care around the Internet.

Paying For Elder Care Just Got Easier (Chuck Bongiovanni)

Paying the high cost of Elder Care can cost a family thousands of dollars a month. Too many families are unaware of how utilizing a loved one's life insurance policy can not only pay for Assisted Living and Nursing Home care, ...

Elder-Care Home Foreclosures, Without Warning

Sometimes even the licensed administrators managing an elder care home have been blindsided by an eviction notice resulting from a mortgage default. Inocencia Arindaeng, the administrator of a facility in Walnut Creek, California, ...

Elder care: Communication often at issue with elderly parents ...

BY CAROL ABAYA NEWJERSEYNEWSROOM. COM Second of two partsQuestion: My parents (mid 70s) refuse to move from their old farm house in order to be closer to us. There are no family members living near th.

Eldercare and Addiction What's a Family Caregiver To Do? | Grace ...

The really frustrating part of this whole issue, other than having to police my mother, is the reaction of the medical community. Every doctor I have talked too about this gives me the same line She's 82 let her take whatever she wants.

Internet Library « Texas Senior Living and Elder Care Blog

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Kathryn Haslanger: Caring For the Caregiver

While many family caregivers find enormous satisfaction in their duties, most find it extremely challenging emotionally. One of the issues faced by family caregivers is feeling isolated from their former lives.

3 Survival Tools for a Caregiver

Three essential tools for the emotional and personal well-being of a caregiver.

Men as Primary Caregivers for Elderly Parents and Spouses

Men are stepping forward to fill primary caregiver roles for elderly loved ones. Husbands and sons have mixed reactions to performing caregiver duties.