Treat Your Parents Well, or Get Sued?


by Joy Loverde

treat your children wellI knew it was simply a matter of time before the tables were turned. Just as adults are required by law to be the guard dogs of dependent children, China is leading the pack with new laws requiring emotional support for aging parents, or risk getting sued.

How sad is that! Not sad that parents are looking for love; but looking for love in all the wrong places. What happened in the Chinese family unit that it has come down to this?

The amendment of the Law of Protection of Rights and Interests of the Aged requires people to visit or keep in touch with their elderly parents or risk being sued and face additional penalties.

Not too long ago I blogged about the son who was sued by the nursing home that was asking for $90,000 in back payments for Mom’s care. The nursing home won the lawsuit and the son had to pay up. Are you beginning to see a pattern here? I sure am.

It’s never been okay to turn our backs on our parents no matter how bad and awful they may have treated us. We are related by law – like it or not. And now that countries around the world are waking up to the fact that they cannot afford the cost of family-member abandonment, they are putting laws into effect that make it illegal to ignore financial and emotional family responsibilities.

So let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks they do not have to broach the subject of eldercare and long-term care with their parents.  You will pay one way or another.

Here’s the link to the article about the Chinese law in case you’re interested…