Moving a Reluctant Parent – Part 18

  • Posted on Jan. 16th, 2015

by Joy Loverde

Aunt BThe good news… sold my Aunt’s house in one day. The bad news… there is no downtime and the pressure is on. I kick into action and create a checklist of everything I have to do to relocate my Aunt.

Also on my mind are the many tasks I can delegate. Listen up family caregivers. Do NOT take on the world when there’s an eldercare crisis of sorts at hand. Ask for help from everyone you know. You’d be surprised at the number of people who will pitch in.

  • Here’s my starter list of things to do:
  • Find a new place for Aunt to live
  • Hire a senior move manager (
  • Find reputable movers
  • Get move date confirmation from movers
  • Arrange family member to meet the movers on the other end
  • Obtain floor plan of new location
  • Measure furniture and create furniture-placement plan
  • Decide what to keep and what to donate

Side Note: My Aunt left thousands of dollars on the table because she had to move in a rush and there was no time for a garage sale. Everything she no longer wanted had to be given away instead of sold. Dollars out the window!

In the meantime, my Aunt is beside herself psychologically and otherwise. All of a sudden her life is completely turned upside down. The move is real. She waited and she lost — bigtime. She lost control of her decision-making powers. She was out of choices. Every decision was now in the hands of family. Her emotions are haywire and everything is happening “way too fast.” It’s time for her to pack her bags. It’s time to go.

My husband and I volunteer to drive her to her new home in Michigan to live near her son and family. We are hoping this brings her some emotional comfort right now. It turns out it does.

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It’s 2015. Get ready to jump with Joy!

  • Posted on Jan. 2nd, 2015

By Joy Loverde

In anticipation of planning for the New Year, an article titled, “Inside the mind of a risk taker” caught my eye in the September 2014 issue of Real Simple Magazine .

Here are the highlights from the article:

“Embracing a new opportunity can require a major mind shift,” says Doug Sundheim, author of Taking Smart Risks. When you catch yourself undermining your personal and professional goals, try replacing every risk-averse statement with a risk-positive one.

Instead of

Can we learn to be risk-takers? According to the experts, the answer is yes. I know this to be true for myself because I have continuous mind shifts that lead me to be less fear-driven and more trusting that everything will ultimately work out for the better.

The question that always gets me out of my rut is this: What’s the worst that can happen? When I write down my answers to that question, and see in black and white that I am fully capable of managing any challenges that come my way, I go for it.

Another piece of the puzzle for me when making a “risky” choice is to seek the wisdom of my elderly friends who are over the age of eighty. These people are my forever trusted advisors and they have NEVER steered me wrong.

Happy New Year, everybody!

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Happy Holidays

  • Posted on Dec. 24th, 2014
Merry Christmas from everyone at EldercareABC

Merry Christmas from everyone at EldercareABC

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