How to Choose Assisted Living and Personal Care Communities

  • Posted on Dec. 9th, 2014

By David Gardner

sunriverWhen advanced age robs a person of their ability to adequately care for themselves, family may be forced to consider a retirement community or assisted living facility. While the decision is not an easy one and can be hard to accept, it assures them that their loved one will receive the care they need while still being able to retain a semi-independent lifestyle.
Types of Communities
Assisted living and personal care communities are designed to accommodate different levels of care. Individuals may choose to move into a senior community while they are still able to care for themselves. This gives them an opportunity to enjoy spending time with their peers in a variety of ways.
Assisted living facilities offer residents the chance to receive medical assistance if and when they need it. These facilities provide a sense of community in which residents can interact with other individuals their own age who have the same interests.
Personal care centers provide complete care to those residents who can no longer care for themselves. Palliative care is also provided for individuals who are in the end stages of a terminal illness. The staff in these facilities can offer constant care that may prove to be too much for family members to bear.
Services Offered
Many facilities have exercise areas designed to accommodate all levels of mobility. Gyms, saunas, whirlpools and swimming pools are provided for the use of the residents who are encouraged to exercise by their physicians. There are also areas large enough to allow for group activities such as board games and bingo.
For residents who are capable of joining in, some facilities put together tours to local casinos or concerts. They can also enjoy a day of shopping or sightseeing, dependent on what type of activities the group decides on.
Payment Resources and Options
Assisted living costs are normally not covered by Medicare. Instead, the cost is paid for by Supplemental income. Many states also offer State subsidized programs under Medicaid to help people with the costs of assisted living.
At the St George Senior Center, the professional staff can offer sound advice on the various types of services they your loved one might need.. They make it possible for family members to make an informed choice about what options are available to them when it comes to the future of their loved ones.
David Gardner’s expertise in senior living and related areas. He enjoyed sharing his knowledge with others and at his own blog The Retreat at Sunriver.

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Joy Loverde’s 2014 Year in Review

  • Posted on Dec. 9th, 2014
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Below is a compilation of posts Joy Loverde’s 2014 year in rview from the  EldercareABCBlog:

Joy Loverde’s Pinterest; A World of PossibilitiesAre you looking for a gift for your aging parents for the holidays? Visit Joy’s Pinterest board
to explore some of Joy’s great suggestions.

Once you’re done exploring that board, take a look at all the other wonderful boards Joy has compiled.

Joy Loverde’s Caregiver Tip of the Moment: Refuse to be anyone’s “middleman”
Joy offers great tips on how to avoid ending up the middle man and the cost you may be paying
if you are doing so.

Aunt BMoving A Reluctant Parent – 17
Joy has been sharing the story of her Aunt Bernice since October 2010. In this edition, she shares the importance of face to face meetings with your family older family member and not relying on phone calls alone.

You can read all the updates for Moving a Reluctant parent in 2014 below:

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Look Ma No Hands
Have you talked to your parents about driving? Or more precisely when they might consider handing in their keys? Joy offers some great insight in this post from September 2014.

Going Shopping? Joy Loverde advises you to demand respect
Learn more about how to get the respect you deserve when shopping and one company who is working to help that happen.
Mom Always Liked You Best – Part One and Part Two
In Part One of this series Joy looks at how one sibling often gets singled out as “the caregiver” and in Part Two some wise tips for anyone in that situation from her Complete Eldercare Planner.
Joy Loverde Suggests Conducting a Family Meeting
In this post Joy shares the importance of a family meeting and provides tips on who should be there, what to do to prepare and how to work to make it a productive time.
Joy Loverde Vacation Suggestion: Trip of a Lifetime
This is a lovely blog post about the trip Joy, Carol their mother, Alba, took to Alba’s home town of Lucca, Italy (Tuscany) to visit her cousins. Joy Loverde, Carol Loverde, and their mother, Alba in Lucca, ItalyWhat a lovely insight into Joy’s family.

Ladies, Janes has Your Back
Lovely post from Joy about Sharon Linder and her dignified patient gowns for women. 2% of profits from every Jane sold funds mammograms for underserved women.

Hope Springs Institute: A Place you Deserve to Visit
In this post Joy shares her experiences at Hope Springs Institute
in Peebles, OH 45660. She says this is not a retreat, but HEAVEN ON EARTH.

Are you teaching your parents to be helpless?
Joy shares the importance of balancing your parents’ needs with what you think needs to be done for them. Sometimes less is more.

Of course I talk to myself. Who else can I trust
Joy discusses the importance of trusting your gut and yourself!

Joy Loverde’s 2014 New Year’s Resolution
Joy wrote about one of her 2014 resolutions which was, “To Love Thy Enemy”.
It is hard to imagine Joy having any enemies at all, but we are sure she met that resolution head on.

Thank you Joy for sharing with everyone here on throughout the year. May 2015 be a wonderful year for you, your family and all those you help.

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Joy Loverde’s Caregiver Tip of the Moment: Refuse to be anyone’s “middleman”

  • Posted on Nov. 14th, 2014


by Joy Loverde

It’s so subtle you may not even realize that it’s happening.

A sister asks, “So how’s Mom doing?” A brother asks, “How is Aunt Betty feeling lately?” A son asks, “When is Dad’s hip surgery?” A mother asks, “Is your daughter enjoying her new job?”  And before you know it… you are put in the position of what I call, “middleman.”

Think about it. The more you allow others to make you the spokesperson   for your family member’s comings and goings, the less work they have to do to stay in touch with others. You have no idea of how much time and energy this is costing YOU. Besides, speaking in someone else’s behalf may not be in your best interest – especially when you get the facts wrong.

You are not anyone’s messenger. You are not a middleman. You have enough on your plate and adding the process of talking about things that are not directly related to you is mind and body draining.

Stop the madness. Start training parents and siblings to talk with each other directly. Here is an example of what you can say:

Sister: “How’s Dad feeling?”

You: “I really can’t answer for Dad. Why don’t you ask him yourself and give him a call?”

Mom: “I haven’t heard from Bonnie lately. Is she okay?

         You: “That’s a great question, Mom. Why don’t you give her a call?”


You are not in charge of family members’ relationships. That’s not a role you need to take on. The more that people speak directly with each other, the better it is for you.

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